Insulated Freezer Jackets for Cold Storage Warehouse Workers


Avaska is proud to offer a range of insulated jackets designed to keep workers the right kind of warm throughout their shifts in a variety of warehouse conditions.

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Our jackets are made to the highest standards and are designed to perform in any cold storage environment. Find heavily insulated jackets capable of staying warm in sub-freezing temperatures in our Freezer Jacket line. Freezer workers will appreciate the comfort of these jackets during long shifts in food and warehouse freezers. 

Our Cooler Jacket line is a perfect fit for workers mainly working in refrigerated warehouses that don’t often dip below freezing. Temperatures balance in a comfortable range to keep workers warm, but not overheated, in cool conditions. Several softshell options are available, including fleece-lined, hi-vis, and quilted jackets.

When heavy equipment is involved, High Visibility Jackets are an absolute must for workers. Our hi-vis freezer and cooler jackets ensure a safe working environment without having to wrestle with vests over jackets.

We also offer a range of women’s sizes in our softshell jackets. Thanks to a properly fitting cut, these jackets help keep your workers warm by giving a more snug fit than a men’s cut.

Durable construction like long-lasting quilted lining and abrasion-resistant hard shells make our jackets last longer, no matter the labor conditions. Investment in quality workwear makes a difference in overhead costs, thanks to both reduced cost of replacements and increased productivity of well-outfitted workers.

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