Keep your team’s hands warm while working in freezing or cold storage conditions with fleece gloves from Avasksa. It’s our mission to help you keep your team equipped with the gear they need to stay warm and productive in any warehouse environment.

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Fleece Gloves for Cold Storage Warehouse Workers

While we offer a wide range of insulated gloves, sometimes the most important thing for warehouse workers is comfort while wearing their gear. For a blend of comfort and warmth, there’s no better choice than fleece. 

Our lightweight fleece gloves are flexible while providing superior warmth, making them perfect for team members that need additional dexterity while on the job. In addition to added flexibility, our Safe Grip Fleece Freezer Gloves give your team peace of mind when moving material thanks to their printed silicone grips.

Order fleece-lined work gloves in bulk from us or sign up for a subscription and save time and money on your gloves. Get them delivered at intervals and quantities that perfectly fit your warehouse’s equipment needs.

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