Decoration, Patches, & Printing for Cold Storage Workwear


Add decorations, names, logos, and patches to your Avaska workwear order.

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Whether you have visitors to your warehouse or not, a customized logo printing on your cold storage gear gives your team a professional look. A cohesive feel also helps establish your brand across multiple lines of clothing and gear, helping your team stay identifiable even off the warehouse floor. 

Our Stock Decoration options also make it easy to add generic transfers to your workwear order. Denote visitor, trainer, and other gear to help your team identify important personnel on the floor, even while buttoned up for the cold.

Name embroidery and heat transfers help your team identify each other when wearing layers of cold storage gear, often obscuring their faces. This makes it easy for your team to communicate and helps avoid confusion during busy shifts on the floor.

Our decoration, patch, and printing options are available on a variety of our products, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding including them in your order.

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