We’ve made it our mission to make sure your team has the gear they need to keep warm in even the toughest cold storage and freezer warehouse conditions. One area not to be overlooked is protecting a worker’s neck, head, and face. Our line of balaclava and thermal masks make it easy for you to outfit your team with the head warming gear they need.

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Balaclavas for Warehouse Workers

With multiple balaclava and face mask options, you have the option to outfit your team with multiple thicknesses of material, helping you keep them the right temperature for your warehouse. For team members that need less protection, you can choose the open-face Fleece Balaclava or our Neck Tube. 

Our line also includes hi-vis options to help your team stay safe in lower visibility conditions or when working near machinery, like the Hi-Vis Hinged Balaclava.

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