Our mission is to provide your team with gear that keeps them at the right temperature for their entire shift. Their feet are no exception, which is why we offer an extensive line of Freezer Boots to protect them on the job.

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Freezer Boots for Cold Storage Workers

With a curated selection of freezer boots, with some boots protecting workers down to -76°F (-60ºC), Avaska is your best choice for quality footwear that works as hard as you do. 

Whether your team needs heavily insulated freezer boots for deep-freeze warehouses or more flexible boots for work in coolers, we carry options that can tackle the conditions. Choose boots that cover the full range of cold storage working temperatures with a range of insulation from 200gsm to 600gsm and even advanced removable 4-layer linings.

Moisture is a constant enemy in many freezer and cold storage warehouses. Our selection of boots includes both water-resistant and waterproof sealed-seam leather options, helping keep feet dry and warmer for longer.

Concrete and polished concrete warehouse floors can become hazardous when wet or when oil and other liquids spill on them. Our boots keep your team on sure footing with advanced rubber soles designed to deliver maximum grip in slick conditions.

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