We believe in outfitting your team with the right gear for the job to keep them warm and protected throughout their entire shift. Our Coated Gloves are a perfect solution for many cold storage and warehouse workers, providing the protection, grip, and warmth needed to get the job done.

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Coated & Waterproof Gloves for Freezer Workers

We stock a curated selection of coated work gloves suitable for a variety of warehouse and cold storage environments. Whether you’re looking for a lighter glove to provide protection and grip for a stocker or puller or more serious waterproof gloves for freezer and food processing workers.

A good grip is essential for preventing injury and product damage in a warehouse setting. Our coated gloves come with a variety of patterns and grip materials, including silicone print grip gloves, dipped wrinkle latex grip gloves, and PVC dotted grips. 

Our coated gloves are also available in a variety of materials, with knit gloves for workers in moistureless environments and polyurethane and neoprene constructions for freezer and cold storage workers. Insulations of 150gsm and higher are also available for added warmth when working in freezers and coolers.

Insulated waterproof gloves, like the Aqua-Seal Pro Glove, provide superior protection from both moisture and temperature. These advanced safety gloves also protect against impact with TPR pod technology and have PVC grips to help keep hold of slippery materials.

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