Insulated Body Warmer

Our mission is to help your team stay warm while working in even the coldest warehouse conditions. Enhance your kit with an insulated body warmer thermal work vest from Avaska for more comfortable and productive shifts on the warehouse floor.

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Insulated Body Warmer Vests for Warehouse Workers

Perfect for both additional insulation and core warming and layering, our insulated warming vests are well suited for both employees that spend an extended period of time in coolers or freezers as well as team members that only make short trips to the warehouse floor.

Avaska carries several insulated body warmer vests, including a high visibility option for teams working with heavy machinery or in low visibility conditions. Our Premium Quilted Vest offers superior insulation, making it a great choice for layering with one of our jackets.

Explore our Taiga Cooler Vest as either a standalone option or equip your cooler warehouse team with our full range of Taiga products.

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