Insulated Sweatshirts & Fleece for Cold Storage and Freezer Workers

Sweatshirts & Fleece

Not all cold storage warehouse jobs require hardshell jackets to keep workers at the right temperature. At Avaska, we believe in giving your workforce the options they need to properly meet their environment for a productive day. Our sweatshirt and fleece workwear options can help many employees do just that. 

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For superior comfort and warmth, there’s no matching fleece. Whether used as an insulating inner layer or the main construction material in a full zip sweater, our Cold Storage Fleece workwear options make the difference for many workers. Browse our pullover and zip-up fleece workwear for your office personnel. 

Perfect for layering underneath hardshell jackets or in workplaces where waterproofing and low temp insulation aren’t necessary, our Cold Storage Hoodies are available in a variety of weights. Choose either easy-to-remove full-zip hoodies or comfortable pullovers.

Whenever machinery is involved in warehouse operations, high visibility gear is a necessity. Our line of Hi-Vis Sweatshirts & Fleece helps to keep your team safe in situations where forklifts or pallet moving machinery is present, without needing to add a clumsy vest or an over-insulated hardshell jacket. 

Shop our entire line of sweatshirts and fleece to find the perfect combination of cold storage workwear for your team. If you’re interested in bulk orders, contact us today for a quote.

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