High Visibility

At Avaska, our goal is to provide you with the cold storage workwear you need to keep your team safe while on the job. In many warehousing environments, visibility is a key part of that protection. 

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High Visibility Jackets for Warehouse Workers for Sale

Our High Visibility Jacket line helps keep your employees safe around heavy equipment like forklifts and pallet jacks. With ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 certified hi-vis options in every one of our temperature ranges, there isn’t a cold storage warehouse where our jackets can’t get the job done. 

For teams working in deep freeze environments, where temperatures often dip below freezing, our Freezer Jacket line provides heavy insulation and warmth down to 55°F (-48ºC). Made in a variety of cuts and materials, you’ll find configurations like hi-vis waterproof jackets, hi-vis jackets with hoods, and hi-vis jackets with abrasion-resistant hard shells.

Our Cooler Jacket line is also stocked with a variety of safety and reflective jackets. One benefit of these jackets is that they provide the same visibility and warming as much bulkier jacket and vest combos in a single hi-vis lightweight jacket.

High visibility jackets are also available in each of our product series: Alpine, Polar, Taiga, and Shield. These all-inclusive product series provide the warmth and protection your team needs from head-to-toe with full freezer and cooler suit packages.

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