At Avaska, it’s our mission to provide your team with gear that keeps them at the right temperature for their entire shift. Our line of Cooler Bibs & Overalls does just that for many teams working in refrigerated cold storage.

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Insulated Cooler Bibs and Overalls for Warehouse Workers

Our cooler bibs, pants, overalls, and trousers offer warming down to 32°F (0ºC). A perfect match for refrigerated warehouses that stay above freezing, these lightweight pants don’t sacrifice comfort and flexibility thanks to lightweight design and construction.

Bibs from our Alpine and Taiga product series both offer superior flexibility with elastic crotches and lightweight construction. Don’t let their weight fool you, though, both can keep the wearer warm for a full day of work and are built to be long lasting, saving you money on workwear costs.

Also available in our cooler pants line are quilted trousers. These undergarments are a great addition to your cooler suit kit, giving you additional insulation without adding significant bulk to your worn gear. Quilted trousers also offer your team variation in their workwear layers, allowing them to dress up or down for multiple temperatures.

Looking for women’s and men’s sizes in our insulated bibs and overalls? Our cooler pants are all designed to fit both men and women.

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