Hand & Foot Warmers for Freezer and Cooler Workers


Hand and foot warmers provide your employees with additional warmth throughout their shifts. A cost-effective way to help your team deal with harsh conditions, warmers compound the effectiveness of your insulated freezer gear.

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Modern warmers are air-activated and non-toxic. With warmth lasting up to 10 hours, warmers are particularly effective for shift workers who won’t want to stop or take a break just to replenish their warmers.

Hand warmers can be used in gloves or stored in pockets, making them a convenient option regardless of the kind of gear your team is outfitted with. Full foot warmers set in like an insole, providing distributed heat without uncomfortable lumps or unevenness. Toe warmers are a targeted solution when shoe or sock insulation isn’t sufficient. 

At Avaska, we offer foot and hand warmers in bulk and as a subscription. With regular restocking, you can be sure your employees always have the supplies on hand they need to keep warm while on the job.

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