At Avaska, we make it our mission to help your team work better with cold storage gear that keeps them the right temperature. Gloves are an essential part of any full freezer suit, which is why we take care in selecting the highest quality hand protection for our Freezer Glove line.  Warm gloves with high dexterity and flexibility are extremely important to freezer workers.

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Freezer Gloves for Cold Storage Workers

Our gloves come in a variety of insulation weights to help you match your team’s gear to the temperature of their workplace. You will find gloves for freezer workers with insulation ranging from 50gsm to 150gsm and higher to help keep your team’s hands warm while on the job.  

Material handling and warehouse work is hard on the hands. With heavy-duty freezer gloves, workers are protected not just from the cold thanks to knit liners, but also from aberrations and cuts thanks to thick leather or polyester outer layers. 

Workers in food processing and distribution benefit greatly from frozen food gloves. With gloves designed to keep workers’ hands warm and protect them from sharp edges on plastic packaging and tools, you can avoid injuries and keep your team comfortable and productive throughout an entire shift.

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