At Avaska, our mission is to help you keep your team warm while on the job, and warmth starts with the first layer, not the last. That’s why we offer our line of thermal and warming socks to keep your team’s feet and legs warm throughout their entire shift.

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Thermal Socks for Warehouse Workers

Our socks are available in both half- and full-calf length for compatibility with multiple kinds of insulated and freezer footwear.

All of our socks are made with a synthetic/wool blend to provide superior insulation and comfort, making them the perfect match for any job where your team is on their feet for long hours in cold storage, freezer warehouses, or outdoor lots and loading docks.

Choose the construction that fits the needs of your team, with ergonomic and thick heel padding available for workers on the move and more economical standard socks for teams with less need for mobility.

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