Our Insulated Freezer Bib and Overalls line is full of leg protection designed to keep your team warm in even the coldest of refrigerated warehouses. When used with the correct, matching Freezer Jacket our bib overalls can keep workers warm for an entire day down to -55°F (-48ºC).

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Freezer Bibs & Overalls for Warehouse Workers for Sale

All of our freezer bibs are built to the highest standards of warmth and durability. Many of our bibs and overalls are made with abrasion-resistant out shells, providing both a layer of protection for workers handling bulky materials and increasing the life of the workwear itself.

If your team is exposed to regular moisture, make sure to invest in our waterproof bibs and overalls. With PU coating, storm flaps, and boot zippers, these freezer pants provide unmatched protection for workers in wet environments, such as dock and boat crews and low-temperature refrigerated warehouse crews.

Find freezer bibs in three of our product series: Alpine, Polar, and Shield. Find a matching kit for any of our product series bibs or overalls for a complete freezer suit that will keep your team the right temperature for their entire shift.

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