High Vis & Insulated Cooler Vests for Cold Storage Warehouse Workers


Avaska is proud to offer high visibility safety and insulated vests designed to keep warehouse workers safe and warm in a variety of cold storage environments. 

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For warehouse and cold storage facilities using heavy equipment like forklifts, visibility is an important safety consideration. Keeping workers safe is just as important as keeping them warm, which is why we offer a range of Enhanced Visibility Vests. With multiple color options, our vests selection is sure to have options suited to your workplace.

Adding warmth doesn’t always require a full jacket. For many workers, having the ability to dress up and down for a variety of temperatures throughout the day is a huge advantage in any cold storage workplace. Insulated vests are a perfect way to give your employees a range of working temperatures throughout their shift. Find options in our Insulated Body Warmer Vests line.

Not all cold storage employees need the warmest gear. Supervisors and administrators need to visit coolers and freezers or docks but may spend much of their time in the office. Hi-vis vests from our line of Lightweight Vests are perfect for work like this.

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