High Visibility and Heavily Insulated Coveralls for Freezer Workers


Avaska is proud to offer the highest quality freezer coveralls in the industry. With both high visibility and heavily insulated options available, your employees are protected in even the most extreme warehouse conditions.



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Our coveralls are designed to protect against the cold for your team over long periods. With heavy insulation, quilted lining, and high collars, they provide superior coverage in a single garment. Heavy-duty outer shells provide additional protection from abrasions and rips, increasing the lifespan of your gear and preventing workplace injuries. 

Many of our coverall options also feature storm flaps and access zippers, helping your workers keep themselves warm even when they need to access their underlayers. Pockets are an often overlooked feature in coverall workwear, but our designs have plenty. This keeps tools, pens, phones, and other equipment your employees need on hand in their outermost layer, reducing their chances of exposure from opening up their suits to get to pockets underneath.

Choose from either our hi-vis line of coveralls, rated for temperatures well below freezing, or freezer coveralls from our Polar Series. Our Polar gear is the coldest temperature-rated freezer wear available, protecting your employees at temperatures as low as -55°F.

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