Our mission is to help your team keep the right kind of warm, no matter the working temperature of your warehouse. That doesn’t always mean that your team needs to be outfitted with a full freezer suit. Sometimes, a high-quality hoodie is just what your team needs to keep warm on the job.  For freezer or cooler selectors who are moving all day a high quality sweatshirt paired with a bib may be a perfect fit.

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Warm Hooded Sweatshirts for Warehouse Workers

Hoodies offer your team versatile warmth with hand pockets and comfortable hoods to help keep their heads and ears warm. Our selection of hoodies is available in a number of different thicknesses and materials. With such a range, you're sure to find hoodies that are perfectly matched for the temperatures your team faces each day on the job.

In addition to being used as an outer layer, hoodies can also be layered with other hardshell jackets to keep your team dry in wet or inclement working conditions. Pair hoodies with waterproof jackets for a comfortable fit that easily breaks back down when they’re no longer facing the damp.

We also offer a range of ANSI-rated high-visibility hoodies in both safety orange and bright, highly visible yellow. Both are available with reflective tape to keep your team safe while working with heavy machinery and equipment or in situations where visibility is limited.

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