At Avaska, it’s our mission to provide your team with jackets that keep them at the right temperature, no matter the environment. For many cold storage warehouses, cooler jackets are the right choice.

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Cooler Jackets for Refrigerated Warehouse Workers

Our Cooler Jacket line is made to provide warmth down to 32°F (0ºC). The perfect fit for workers in refrigerated warehouses that don’t dip below freezing, this line balances comfort and warmth. With lightweight design and construction, all of our cooler jackets keep workers warm without sacrificing comfort and maneuverability.

With sturdy polyester outer shells, all of our cooler jackets are made to last. Save on equipment costs in the long run with our durable, rip-resistant jackets.

Our cooler jackets come in a variety of styles to help you meet the needs of your working conditions. Find high visibility jackets to keep your team safe while working around heavy machinery in the warehouse. For workers that spend time inside and outside the warehouse, jackets with hoods provide protection from the elements without needing to wear additional headgear. 

Check out our Taiga Product Series options for cooler jackets. With a quilted lining, 120gsm insulation, and elastic wedges under the arms, it perfectly combines flexibility with warmth.

Our Alpine Cooler Jacket, from our ultra-lightweight Alpine Product Series, makes it easy to stay warm with the highest maneuverability. With high visibility panels, fleece-lined collar, and protected pockets, this cooler jacket is a great fit for employees that move between roles, giving them the protection and warmth they need without having to change gear.

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