Insulated Freezer Boots for Cold Storage Warehouse Workers


At Avaska, keeping cold storage workers warm is our priority. The right kind of warmth doesn’t stop with core protection like jackets and bibs. That’s why we offer a wide range of freezer, cooler & ambient footwear to keep workers warm, literally from head to toe.

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Our Freezer Boots offer outstanding protection, built not just for warmth, but also durability and ergonomic comfort. Freezer footwear can take many shapes, but whether you’re looking for comfortable and lightweight hiker style boots for order selectors, or want to outfit your whole forklift team in heavily insulated work boots you’ll find the right footwear solutions with us.

Safety is always a concern in the warehouse, and no day with an injury is a good day for your team. We carry two different lines of enhanced safety footwear, Lightweight Safety Boots and Safety Boots. Find the perfect combination of protection, comfort, and insulation for any warehouse job. Our safety boots are mainly constructed with composite toes, giving superior protection without the added weight of a steel toe. In cold storage settings, traction can be hard to come by when water meets concrete floors, but our line of safety boots are available with advanced sole materials that stay grippy in extreme temperatures.

Warm footwear starts close to the body, with the right socks. We offer wool socks that fit the warmth needs of your workforce, with multiple thicknesses available. Available in multiple heights, our Freezer Sock options are a great fit for your workers, no matter what kind of boot they use.

In cold storage jobs, it’s not uncommon to have constant exposure to moisture. Many of our boots are constructed with waterproof linings or coatings to help keep workers’ feet dry on the job.

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