Insulated Freezer Gloves for Cold Storage Warehouse Workers

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Avaska is proud to offer a range of insulated gloves designed to keep workers the right kind of warm throughout their shifts in a variety of warehouse conditions. Our gloves are made to the highest standards and we offer designs made to perform any duty in cold storage environments.

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Find heavily insulated gloves capable of keeping workers’ hands and fingers warm in sub-freezing temperatures in our Freezer Gloves line. Workers constantly handling low-temperature materials inside the coldest deep freeze coolers will appreciate the comfort these gloves provide throughout long shifts in food and medical warehouses.

With gloves designed for a variety of tasks and conditions, it’s not surprising that many of our gloves are coated for workers’ protection. Protect workers’ hands from impacts, the cold, and potentially hazardous materials. Find handwear made specifically for your warehouse jobs in our Coated Gloves line.

For the toughest conditions, there are few gloves that last like Leather Gloves. Tried and tested, leather gloves provide long-lasting durability without compromising comfort. Flexible and comfortable from day 1  you will love the comfort and dexterity of these gloves.

Make your gloves more versatile with a pair of Glove Liners. These liners can be added to less extreme gloves for workers that are working in multiple different temperatures, layering warmth as needed to keep your team at the right temperature.

All of our gloves can be purchased in single batches or ordered through a subscription. Subscriptions keep your business working seamlessly with regular replacements and saves you money in the long run.

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