Footwear shouldn’t be overlooked when equipping your team with gear to keep them safe. At Avaska, we offer a selection of Safety Boots & Shoes of the highest quality to help you outfit your employees.

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Safety Boots & Shoes for Warehouse Workers

Our lines of safety boots and shoes offer protection for a variety of warehouse working conditions. Whether you’re looking for a heavily insulated boot for a cold storage worker or specialized waterproof boots for wet conditions, we carry a boot that can significantly improve the safety and comfort of your employees for even the longest shifts.

We carry two versions of safety toe boots, composite and steel toe. Both have their own advantages and uses to help workers get their jobs done safely. Steel toe safety boots and shoes provide unparalleled protection from drops and impacts while working with heavy materials and machinery. Composite toe safety shoes and boots make it easier to pack more insulation into a boot without adding weight, making them ideal for improved ergonomics and reducing fatigue in cold storage warehouse workers.

On many of our safety boots and shoes, you will also find patterns on the soles to enhance traction and grip while working on polished concrete and wet surfaces. Prevent slips and falls is imperative in any warehouse, but is especially important in situations involving pallet movers and forklifts.

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