Keeping your team warm and safe is our top priority at Avaska. That’s why we stock a range of safety headwear, eye protection, and ear protection to ensure that you always have the right gear to keep workers warm and protected in any cold storage conditions.

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Safety Headwear & Eyewear for Warehouse Workers

Head protection is an important part of many warehouse workers’ kits, helping protect them from objects falling from high shelves, loading docks, and scissor lifts. Often these hard hat solutions don’t do enough to keep your team warm if you work in cold conditions outside or in freezing temperatures in a refrigerated warehouse. For those situations, we offer Hard Hat Insulated liners to help keep your team warm beneath their protective gear.

Anytime machinery or power tools are involved, it’s important not to overlook eye and ear protection. Tools that give off sparks, can fragment, or even just rebound present a danger to your team's eyes. For standard protection, the Fortify Safety Glasses with Fogless3Sixty provide head-on protection without impeding vision where normal glasses would fog in the cold. For more protection, the Mission Safety Goggles with Fogless3Sixty protect your eyes from all sides.

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