The Largest Selection of Insulated Workwear Just Got Bigger

RefrigiWear Acquires Avaska
 The Largest Selection of Insulated Workwear Just Got Bigger

DAHLONEGA, GA (January 17, 2024) – RefrigiWear, the largest supplier of insulated work apparel for the cold chain, announced today its acquisition of Avaska. A relative newcomer to the insulated workwear industry, Avaska built a solid reputation for offering premium quality products with a more modern, European style.

“Avaska really helps us round out our brand portfolio to serve customers in the cold chain and in any environment where extreme temperatures create challenges,” explains Ryan Silberman, CEO at RefrigiWear.

“Giving customers flexibility helps us serve the ever-changing and demanding environments they face in every step of the cold chain from food production, storage and distribution to bringing it home to our kitchen tables.”

The company’s portfolio now includes three insulated workwear brands – RefrigiWear, Avaska and Samco Freezerwear – more than doubling the company’s selection of products to keep workers warm, safe and productive.

All three brands deliver insulated apparel, footwear and accessories for people working in temperature-controlled production and distribution facilities that operate at temperatures well below freezing. Their products are also widely used in outdoor work environments where wet weather and cold temperatures are major challenges to safety and productivity. With such a wide variety of styles, selection and price ranges, this 3-brand family gives businesses large and small the most diverse options to protect their employees from the dangers of working in the cold.

For information on insulated workwear products or best practices for using insulated personal protective equipment to guard against the cold-related illness and injury, please contact RefrigiWear Customer Service at 800-645-3744 or visit

About RefrigiWear, LLC

Founded in 1954 by Myron Breakstone, RefrigiWear is celebrating its 70th year as a pioneer in creating the toughest workwear for the toughest workers. With a 70-year history rooted in understanding the dangers and challenges of working in extreme cold, RefrigiWear continues to deliver high-quality, durable insulated workwear that stands up to the coldest, dirtiest, harshest conditions imaginable. The RefrigiWear brand portfolio also includes Avaska, best known for its European-style freezer gear and outerwear, and Samco Freezerwear, recognized for its value-oriented selection of cooler- and freezerwear basics. RefrigiWear is based in Dahlonega, GA.


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