What is the best facemask for freezer warehouse workers?

The importance of keeping your head, neck and shoulders warm while working in a cold chain environment.

What is the best headgear to protect your health in cold conditions?

First, let’s simply discuss the obvious elephant in the room…your head and northern regions of the body have less subcutaneous fat and other bio-thermal ingredients to protect your skin and internal organs (and yes we mean your brain) during below average temperatures. Freezer and cooler warehouses can range in temperatures from a frigid negative -50 degrees Fahrenheit to chilly plus 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Avaska is known as the freezer wear for the pro, and we mean it. We protect the freezer work force from the elements of cold with an emphasis on protecting your body. The CDC (center for disease control in the US) is noted that prolonged exposure to cold will eventually use up your body’s stored energy. The result can lead to hypothermia and a body temperature that is too low affects the brain, making it harder and more difficult for to think clearly or move well.

So what is the solution to protect your skin and head while staying comfortable and productive?

Protect your brain and be the most productive warehouse worker possible by utilizing freezer gear accessories that include balaclavas, masks, knit hats and neck tubes.

What are the differences, and which is best for your situation when fighting the cold inside or out?

Balaclavas: Get the warmest by maximizing coverage. A balaclava is like a ski mask and provides protection to your neck, face, ears, side and top of head and even some option protect a portion of your neck.

Each Avaska balaclava or mask is made to breathe so you are not sweating under your warming gear. Each balaclava is made to with an elastic knitting to offer flexibility.

Find the best fit for your needs.

The Petterson Balaclava

Avaska's Petterson Balaclava helps keep your head warm. 

  • Double-layered knit balaclava 
  • Lined with 3M Thinsulate 
  • Ergonomic fit designed with a long front bib for ultimate warmth
  • Oval eye opening with overlock stitching 
  • Rated for a minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit (-50) and is perfect for workers in the ice cream freezer space

The Avaska Petterson Balaclava comes in the black and is a one size fits most. The material is 100% polyacrylic.

The Findus Balaclava

  • Double-layered knit balaclava 
  • Oval cutout with over-lock edge
  • Ergonomic fit designed with a long front bib for ultimate warmth
  • Rated for a minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit (-40)

The Avaska Findus Balaclava comes in the black and is a one size fits most. The material is 100% polyacrylic.

The Avaska hinged Fleece balaclava

    • 240gm of anti-pilling fleece 
    • Poly/spandex binding
    • Ergonomic Structure
    • Rated for a minus 0 degrees Fahrenheit (0) 

The Avaska Hinged Fleece Balaclava is our #1 seller due to the flexibility, warmth, and the overlapping design can convert the warming headgear into a neck gator.

The Avaska Hi Vis hinged balaclava

  • Performance fleece for the active worker
  • UPF 50+ rating polyester and spandex fabric (HVY – hi vis yellow) 
  • Hinged Design
  • Reflective striple along the back
  • 3-layer breathable mesh for moisture management and increased airflow
  • Can be worn under a hard hat

The Avaska Hi Visibility Hinged Balaclava comes in one size and in vibrant yellow with reflective striping for maximum protection and visibility.

The Avaska Fleece balaclava

  • 5.5 oz, 100% polyester, anti-pill finish fleece 
  • Light and thin design
  • Soft and stretchable fabric for optimum fit and comfort
  • Can be worn under a hard hat

The Avaska Fleece Balaclava comes in black and navy color options and available in one comfortable size.

Get your head right and get your head in the game by considering these factors selecting your right balaclava, mask, or hat. Avaska will help you make sure that you select freezer garments that are more likely to meet your needs and keep you comfortable and at the right warmth all day. If you need help getting started get in touch with a consultant today

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