Medical Supply Warehouse Workwear

Medical Supply Warehouse Workwear

Medical supplies and pharmaceutical supplies often need to be stored at freezing or below. Exposure to temperatures like this is a necessity for warehouse and logistics workers housing and transporting medications and vaccines. 

Help keep your team protected from the extreme cold of freezer warehouses with Avaska’s range of freezer workwear. Avaska is the United State’s premier cold store clothing supplier, with lines of freezer boots, cooler and freezer jackets, bibs and overalls, freezer suits, cooler and freezer coveralls, gloves, and more.

Gloves for Freezers

Warm hands make quick work. Our lines of gloves provide both superior warmth and grip, reducing the chance of damaging high-value cargo. With silicone grips, dipped gloves, and more, you’ll help reduce both merchandise damage and workplace injuries.

Order gloves once or set up a subscription with us. A subscription saves you money and time, with replacements showing up when you need them.

Browse from our lines of gloves suited perfectly for a variety of industries and cold storage warehouse workers:


Jackets for Freezers

Keeping their body temperatures up is key to helping your team stay productive and safe on the warehouse floor in any workplace with freezing temperatures. With a range of jackets designed to insulate and protect the core temperature of workers for hours, Avaska is the leading supplier of high-quality freezer jackets.

For added safety when working with machinery or in low light conditions many of our products are available in high visibility versions to help your team prevent workplace accidents.

Shop our lines of cold storage jackets online:

Bibs & Overalls for Freezers

Complete your medical supply warehouse workwear kits with insulated bibs or overalls. When paired with an appropriately insulated jacket from one of our freezer jacket lines, freezer pants provide full coverage for workers in sub-freezing temperatures. This allows them to stay warm and comfortable for longer periods of time during their shifts, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

With high visibility options available in our bibs & overalls as well, you can rest assured that your team is protected in low visibility conditions or while working with machinery on the warehouse floor. 

Browse our bib & overall options online:


Try Avaska Medical Warehousing Workwear in House or Order Samples

At Avaska, we’re always excited to prove the quality of our products to you and your employees. Contact us to set up a visit from one of our team members or order samples online for your team to test on-site.

Order today, Warm tomorrow.

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