Food Processing Workwear

Food Processing Workwear

Food processing workers need gear that helps them with a wide variety of tasks. From moving prepared food packages to processing the food itself, workers are constantly balancing their need for fine motor control and warmth.

Outfitting your team with the right gear increases their productivity while protecting them from the cold and other hazards of a processing floor. Our range of temperature-specific workwear is perfect for food processing centers and warehouses handling pre-frozen foods, refrigerated foods, and even foods processed at ambient temperatures.

Gloves for Food Processing Workers

With superior warmth and grip, our selection of gloves is full of gloves perfectly suited to food processing workers. Order individually, in bulk, or as a subscription and save! Shop our selection of gloves like:


Bibs & Overalls for Food Processing Workers

With splashing ice, water, and food scraps, food processing workers need protection from the damp and the cold. Our bibs are available in a variety of insulation weights and include waterproof and high visibility varieties. Browse our selections of bibs & overalls like:

Boots & Footwear for Food Processing

Keep your team on the right footing for the whole day with our selection of boots and footwear for food processing workers. Splashing water and ice can create slick conditions on concrete and metal warehouse flooring, resulting in extra slippery conditions. Our boots and footwear are built with the highest grip soles available and stout insulation. Browse our selections of boots & footwear like:


Try Avaska Workwear in House or Order Samples

At Avaska, we’re always excited to prove the quality of our products to you and your employees. Contact us to set up a visit from one of our team members or order samples online for your team to test on-site.

Order today, Warm tomorrow.

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