How to pick the right freezer suit

How to pick the right freezer suit?

You know its cold and you know you need protection, but how do you pick the right freezer suit? First of all its important to acknowledge that there are many variables that affect your comfort when working in a cold storage environment:

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  • What is the temperature I’ll be working in regularly?
  • What type of activity will I mostly be doing?
  • How long will I be staying in the freezer at a time?
  • Are there any color or high visibility requirements?

Temperature: Once you know how cold it will be where you are working look for the comfort rating on the jacket or bib. This will tell you the approximate temperature you can be comfortable in at a moderate activity level. Keep in mind that it is important to find gear that is the right warmth. A jacket or bib that is too warm will be just as uncomfortable as one that is too cold!

Activity: Once you have a temperature range selected take a look at your activity level in the freezer. This can make a big difference on how warm you feel in the freezer. For example, if you are driving a forklift in -10F you will need a warmer jacket and bib than if you are selecting products in -10F. If you are likely going to be more stationary, consider getting a freezer suit with a slightly warmer rating.

Time: The length of time you are staying in a cold storage area also affects the activity level. If you are staying in a freezer for longer periods of time (more than 2 hours) consider a heavier jacket and bib or a coverall. On the other hand if you are likely to be going in and out a lot consider a lighter jacket.

Visibility: Finally decide if you require high vis gear or not. Some companies require their employees to wear high visibility gear to help prevent accidents with vehicles or forklifts inside of the cold storage facility. Most freezer gear providers offer both standard and high visibility styles.

There is no one-size-fits-all for freezer suits when working in the cold. However, consider these factors will help you make sure that you select freezer garments that are more likely to meet your needs and keep you comfortable and at the right warmth all day. If you need help getting started get in touch with a consultant today.

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