Keep the New york Cold at Bay in the Warehouse and Outside with Cold Storage Workwear

New Yorkers are no strangers to the cold, but when it comes to staying comfortable in the cold, Avaska is here to help. We know how important it is to have your team suited up in the right workwear for their working conditions. That is why we’ve created a range of temperature-specific clothing to keep them safe and comfortable.

We know the harm that can be caused if workers aren’t outfitted properly for the cold– injuries, shipment delays, and lower productivity rates are all risks of ill-equipped employees. Add to that New York winters and the weather exposure of loading docks and shipyards, and you can quickly run into these problems. Fortunately, we have solutions for you and your team. Shop our selection of workwear and outfit your crew with the gear you can rely on:

Rest easy knowing your workers are prepared for anything and leave the warming to us.

Zip Up and Stay Warm in Avaska Insulated Jackets

Winters in New York can be brutal, so we’ve created a jacket that can withstand the coldest of temperatures. Our Polar Ultimate Freezer Jacket is built to stand the test of time with its water-resistant and windproof design. Don’t forget to throw on the hood should the winds pick up!

Need something with high visibility? Try out our reflective version of our Polar Ultimate jacket: the Hi-Vis Polar Ultimate Freezer Jacket! Rated for temperatures of up to -55°F, this jacket will not only keep staff warm but ensure visibility for worker safety.

Be prepared for all sorts of weather and outfit your employees with our lightweight jackets. Perfect for outdoor work in early spring before summer weather sets in, and for work in coolers! Our high visibility and softshell jackets are the perfect 2-in-1 product to keep your workers safe and insulated during the wet, mid-spring months!

Freezer Bibs and Overalls: Keep Your Legs Covered

Protect your employees’ legs in any freezer or cooler conditions with Avaska’s line of bibs and overalls. Bibs and overalls are the optimal product for transitioning from cold temperature zones to cooler temperature zones, as they make for easy layering! However, Avaska knows that workers need products rated for the environments they encounter most often, so we carry temperature specific leg coverings.

Check out our range of freezer, cooler, and high visibility bibs and overalls:

Keep Hands Warm with Comfortable, Durable Work Gloves

Frostnip and frostbite are the last things your workers need to be concerned about when they’re on the clock. At Avaska, we know how important keeping hands warm is to the ability to do quality work. We’ve designed comfortable, durable freezer handwear with grip that ensures nothing goes slipping around. These gloves will keep your workers hands protected from harsh temperatures and maintain their comfort throughout an entire shift.

Our gloves are also available as a subscription, ensuring that your team is always outfitted with the best hand protection possible without needing to remember to order gloves when stock is low.

Shop Avaska’s line of gloves for any situation:

Try Avaska Workwear in New York or Order Samples

We want to make it easy for you to focus on the important things. By contacting us today, you can set up an on-site consultation by one of our expert team members or order samples online with ease through our “Trial Request” option. Select “Trial Request” on any of our product pages to receive samples of workwear at your facility, so you and your team can test out Avaska gear on-site.

Order today, Warm tomorrow.

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