Cold Storage Workwear for New Jersey Warehouses

Your team deserves to feel comfortable no matter what climate they are working in. That’s why Avaska provides a range of cold storage clothing options to keep workers warm while they focus on the task at hand. Avaska builds our products with your budget in mind, so you can find the freezer workwear you need without breaking the bank!

Not sure where to begin? Our selection of cool to deep freeze temperature workwear is what your team needs when working in any cold storage facility. Our ALPINE SERIES is perfect for working inside cool freezers, or outside before the temperatures drop. Need to spend some of the winters outside? We know how cold New Jersey can get in the colder months, that’s why we have the TAIGA SERIES for long hours spent in harsh, outdoor environments.

How to Choose the Right Gear for New Jersey Warehouses

Keeping your team warm when they are hard at work is the number one priority for us at Avaska. We have clothing engineered specifically for enduring long hours in cold temperatures, regardless of whether you’re working inside or out.

The workwear your employees wear should be optimized for their comfort. At Avaska, we have a range of products that are suitable for several different temperatures. Loading docks can expose your workers to the cold temperatures of the winter months, especially in New Jersey. Outfit them with our line of bibs and overalls to keep the harsh weather conditions out and the warmth in.

Our cold-temperature workwear can double as freezer wear from indoor operations so you can maximize the spend of your dollar. We offer two product series dedicated to working within the above temperature ranges:

Each collection features a variety of options for full kits that include both jackets and bibs, pants, or overalls, so no matter the environment your team will be well-suited for the job!


Essential Accessories for Cold Storage Work

When considering gloves, it is equally important to consider accessory gear. Suiting up in environments that drop below 32°F means extra layers are necessary to keep your team comfortable. Bundle up with a double-layered knit balaclava or pull on an insulating long sleeve for optimal warmth during work shifts.

Equip Your Team with Cold Storage Workwear Today!

We want workers to stay warm and well protected throughout their shifts, simple as that! Likewise, we want to make things simple for you when it comes to testing gear out. Contact us now for a visit from one of our experienced team members or select the “Trial Request” button on any product page when you shop online for easy delivery of samples to your facility!

Order today, Warm tomorrow.

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