Cold storage and cold weather workwear for Illinois facilities

It’s no surprise that it is brutally cold in Illinois during the winters, and we at Avaska know firsthand how important it is to have gear that can keep you warm when working in freezing temperatures.

Whether your workers are conducting their operations in coolers or freezers or at the loading dock, if they’re outfitted with Avaska, they are sure to be warm. Our workwear is built for enduring cold temperatures, that’s why we have a signature line of freezer wear rated for up to -55°F. Shop our line of freezer jackets for when your workers need to brave the Illinois weather, especially in the winter.

Avaska keeps you warm without worry, that is why it is a top choice among Illinois manufacturers for cold storage clothing. Keep your workers safer and warmer for longer when you choose Avaska.

Cold Storage Gloves for Illinois Winters

Being warm is great and all, but staying warm is tricky and that’s where we come in. Illinois winters are harsh, to say the least, and if your business requires work outdoors, low temperatures and tough weather conditions can put your team at risk. Without freezer gloves, insulated work gloves, or thermal waterproof gloves, your team is susceptible to frostnip and frostbite. At Avaska, we know how much a hand injury can harm productivity rates and safety standards. That’s why we have engineered our gloves to withstand cold conditions to keep your workers safe throughout their whole shift.

Check out our line of gloves for varying temperatures:

Insulated Freezer Boots for Illinois Warehouses

When your team is on their feet for entire shifts, they need to have stand-up shoes. At Avaska, we have designed our boots for optimal safety regardless of working conditions. Additionally, we have a line of safety boots for women, for optimal sizing and comfort. We keep warmth at the top of our mind, as well as the weight of each shoe. Our lightweight boots have composite toes for ultimate foot protection, so jobs can get done without any trip-ups.

Browse our freezer and cooler footwear:

Try Avaska Workwear in Illinois or Order Samples

Don’t spend any more time on the job being cold! Contact us today to set up a visit from one of our team members or order samples online through the “Trial Request” option on any product page! A Trial Requests allows us to send samples straight to you, so you and your team can test out Avaska equipment on-site!

Order today, Warm tomorrow.

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