cold storage workwear For Florida Warehouses

Thermal shock can be a real problem, especially when your cold storage warehouse is in Florida! Make sure that your staff is well-equipped by shopping Avaska’s cold storage workwear. We have the equipment your team needs to handle extreme temperatures and cold storage environments, whether your staff spends time indoors, outdoors, or both!

Our products are built to suit temperature-specific situations, meaning that our lighter gear is perfect for transitioning from indoor freezer work to work outdoors or in the office. Further, our cooler coveralls’ lightweight design provides adequate protection when the Florida heat forces staff to shed the heavier layers.

Prepare your team for any temperature when you buy your cold storage protective gear from Avaska, Florida’s premier cold store clothing supplier!

Keep Warm in Avaska Cold Storage Clothing

Freezers are meant to stay cold, but your staff shouldn’t!  Keeping workers warm is our number one priority, that’s why Avaska has a line of freezer-specific cold storage jackets to ensure comfort and warmth. Shift-long freezer exposure can be tough on the feet and the hands. Without adequate protection, workers are at risk of injury. Further, without suitable freezer jackets, workers can spend unnecessary amounts of energy and time staying warm and taking breaks which can lead to productivity loss. Avoid worker safety issues and boost worker comfort when you outfit your employees with Avaska cold storage clothing.

Browse our lines of freezer-rated products:


High Visibility Workwear

Worker safety is paramount, regardless of your industry. Always keep your cold storage workers safe with Avaska’s high visibility jackets, bibs, and vests. We offer a range of hi-vis workwear to fit any need, so whether you need a heavy, freezer-rated high visibility jacket, or a soft-shell, lightweight jacket, we have you covered. Our products are designed with safety in mind particularly when working around machinery like forklifts and pallet movers. Ensure worker safety when you choose to shop Avaska!

Check out our high visibility workwear:

Headwear Safety

Whether your business operates in Florida or anywhere else, you know how important headwear safety is in any facility. We want to make sure your staff is as safe as can be, so we have a line of headwear for optimal protection when workers are on the clock.

Be sure to protect your workers’ eyes, ears, and heads with our line of safety headwear, so they can leave each shift as safely as they arrived! 


Try Avaska Cold Storage Workwear in House or Order Samples

At Avaska, we’re always excited to prove the quality of our products to you and your employees. Contact us to set up a visit from one of our team members or order samples online for your team to test on-site.

Order today, Warm tomorrow.

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