Cold Storage Workwear for California Warehouses

Safety & High Visibility Gear for California Workers

Safety is always the number one priority for the customers we serve. That’s why Avaska had proudly developed our line of safety and high visibility workwear. Whether your team works through the night, outside, or in cold storage, being able to be seen is key to avoiding workplace injury. Similarly, keeping workers’ heads and feet protected is paramount at any job site. Avaska understands how important high visibility and safety is to the people you employee. Let’s work together to keep them covered while they’re on the clock.

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Perfect Gear for Seasonal Californian Workers

At Avaska, we’ve designed our Shield product line for functionality. That means that your workers can stay comfortable, flexible, and dynamic for as long as needed in our light weight gear. Our Shield bibs and freezer jackets go the distance, so you can reuse your gear next season and save your money.

Shield products are perfect for temporary or seasonal workers – we meet entry-level freezer ratings while using best-in-class materials and high quality designs. Want to bundle? We have a Shield Freezer suit kit that includes a bib and a jacket, so you can stretch your dollar!


High Performance at Low Temperatures

Need something heavy duty to protect workers from low temperatures? Forget the California sun and outfit your team in our line of freezer workwear. Avaska pairs incredible comfort and warmth with flexible material for a product that works as hard as your team does. Packing and storing perishable foods, like Californian avocados and oranges, require long periods of time in freezer rooms during which body temperatures can drop and things go south. By equipping your workers with Avaska’s Polar series, you won’t have to worry.

Make sure your team is kept warm with our Polar product series.

Let Us Come To You

We want to make it easy for you to focus on the important things. By contacting us today, you can set up an on-site consultation by one of our expert team members or order samples online with ease through our “Trial Request” option. Select “Trial Request” on any of our product pages to receive samples of workwear at your facility, so you and your team can test out Avaska gear on-site.

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